Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F Mic Ways | Repair Mic Not Working Problem

In this article, we will show you how to diagnose and troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy A21s mic problems Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F Mic Ways, Mic Not Working Problem, Mic Jumper Solution with the microphone on your Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F phone so that you can go back to using your phone for phone calls, and other things that you use your phone’s microphone for.

To solve this problem, first, you have to open the mobile. Then the motherboard on the mobile that has the motherboard should be cleaned well. And after cleansing the motherboard, remove the old mic that has the old mic in the mobile and needs to be checked with a new mic. Do the job as I said to you and if you have difficulty understanding I discuss it step by step below if this is not the solution to your problem, then I have posted a picture below to do this.

The microphone problem in Samsung Galaxy A21s is mostly caused by the malfunctioning of a small component called a mouthpiece, it is usually found at the base of the phone when held in a call position. The problem makes it impossible for people to hear from you whenever you initiate a call. The problem resulting from the mouthpiece is multi-faceted.  The following among others could be responsible for a mouthpiece problem in a mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F Mic Ways Problem, Possible Causes, And Solution:

  1. High/Low resistance value
  2. Oxidation
  3. Bad/partial contact
  4. Short or open circuit

Changing the Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F mic can be a little tricky. It is soldered to the motherboard so if you remove it remember its placing position and put the new microphone the same way the old one was. If you have broken prints of the microphone connection points I have marked all of them in the diagram below. Please note that we will edit these solutions or add new ones if found on this page at any time in the future. So feel free to come back any time on this page to stay up to date.

Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F Mic Ways – Mic Not Working Problem Solution:

How To Repair Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F Mic Not Working Problem

Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F mic not working repairing helpful ways. As the above diagram above there are two color lines for the missing mic pins direct jumper ways repairing. The red color like is marked as the mic + pinpoint jumper and the yellow color line can help for the negative pin jumper. Do the same job is required for the mic not working issue.

Here are some tested, working, and solved tricks to resolve the  Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F Missing Mic problem solution.

  1. First, you need to change the mic if that is faulted. To confirm the faulty mic, you can test it by recording your voice or making a direct call on another cell phone.
  2. For the missing mic pins, you can apply the two same jumper from mic to other/next pinpoints.
  3. Make sure! mic hole is open and there is no dust, rust, or carbon cause. If the mic hole is closed, the user can face the low voice issue during your calls.