Redmi 6A Touch Ways Touch Screen Problem Solution

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A Touchscreen Ways Touch IC Jumper Touch Not Working Problem Jumper Ways Solution Touch Not Responding.

If ever trying to fix Redmi 6A Touch Ways and Touch Screen failure issues and you’ll do replacing the touch plate module, trying to calibrate the touch screen setting but unresponsive and restoring, upgrading and flashing the device firmware but nothing happens, the problem still exists and the touch screen left unresponsive.

Causes of Redmi 6A Touch Screen Problem

  • Broken or damaged touch screen
  • Rust from water damage
  • Disconnection from the touch screen socket or connector
  • A damaged or broken connecting path (open circuit)
  • A faulty or missing resistor, capacitor, IC (integrated circuit), etc
  • A bad firmware or operating system software files

From the above list, you would by now understand that the problem can be multifaceted, as a result one will need to troubleshoot for the possible cause of the Redmi 6A touch calibrator problem to be able to fix it up.

Redmi 6A Touch Ways Touch Screen Jumper:

Here is the hardware solution of Redmi 6A touch ways problem