Redmi 6 Pro Ear Speaker Ways Earpiece Audio Problem Solution

In this post, you will find the solution of the Redmi 6 Pro Ear Speaker Ways audio problem with an earpiece or receiver speaker. This solution will make your troubleshooting easy and quick.

Sometimes, it is easier to find a solution when you know where the problem lies. Without an idea of where the problem is, we may not be able to troubleshoot accurately and effectively.

If the Redmi 6 Pro earpiece is not working or no sounds can be heard on it, you may first manually check the receiver speaker using a multimeter. If the Redmi 6 Pro speaker is damaged replace it. A poor, distorted or garbled sounds is also an indication of a bad speaker. If the speaker is okay clean the speaker terminal contact pads, ensure that it has properly or good connection between the speaker’s terminal. Check the filter components, such coils, and ESD diodes.

Ear Speaker Problems

  • No sound in-ear speaker.
  • Low Sound in-ear Speaker.
  • Distorted sound in speaker