Here we have high resolution motherboard scan on Huawei P40 motherboard, this is useful for locating where components should be
iPhone 7 7p Intel BaseBand D15 stuck low fault❗️ These Models prone to have BB D15 pin Defect inside BB
I recently purchased the JC DFU box c2 as a handy DCSD cable and restore mode dongle. First thing I
Here we have English translation of iTunes error solution troubleshooting map. This guide is useful for fixing iTunes errors caused
Here we have trace layout for the iphone 7 home button, this will show you where you can run jumpers
Here we have a list of passive components that sit around the m92t36 on the nintendo switch (old version, not
This is the fix for Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205 F, follow these steps to fix charging paused due to moisture
Apple iPhone X Charging Problem Ways Solution Not Charging Problem USB Ways Charging Jumper Charging Case Short In this post,
Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool is the best Unlock/Disable/Remove Mi Account tool for Android devices. If you have Xiaomi device and you
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Not Charging Problem thermistor location, Charging Paused Battery Temperature Low Or High Redmi 5 Battery Temperature Is Over

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