iPhone 8 Plus Boot Circuit BLOCK DIAGRAM
Here is the full block diagram for the iphone 8 plus boot sequence. This can be used to determine why
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iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage No Service Restarts
After water dmage iphone 7 plus restarts and has no reception no service sos only.
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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Rainbow iTunes screen Solution
Stuck in recovery mode with pink screen, usually bad RAM is the fault. Replace RAM.
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iPhone 7 Plus Weak Wifi Jumper Solution
If your wifi is weak and you are dirt poor, try this jumper ways.
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iPhone 7 Plus Front Camera Flex Causes Boot Loop
If connect the front camera ear speaker flex cable, the phone will be stuck on apple logo. If you try
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iPhone 7 Plus Common IC Jumper Ways Solution
Some Ic on the iphone 7 plus can be bypassed using wire jumper, we only recommend doing something like this
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iPhone 7 Plus iTunes No Error But Stuck on Logo
iTunes passes with no errors but iphone still stuck on apple logo, this can be caused by a bad pull
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iPhone 7 Plus No 4G Solution Ways
Check these three resistors, two of them can be shorted as they are easily burned.
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iPhone 7 Plus Error 56 Solution
Small short causes itunes to produce error 56 on the iphone 7 plus.
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iPhone 7 Plus Stuck Logo 73Ma
iPhone 7 plus stuck on boot logo with 73ma current draw. U2301 is camera PSU ic
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