Oppo A73 Diode Resistance Measurement Map

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Here we have motherboard and IC resistance measurement map for the Oppo A73, useful for diagnosing no wifi, no blutooth ways, no display, no light, no power, low signal, overheat and many more.

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A73 IC Diode Ways

A73 Audio IC Codec Diode Pad Ways

A73 Battery Connector FPC Diode Measurement

A73 Charge Ic Diode Measurement

oppo a73 charge ic jumper solution ways

A73 Charge Port Motherboard FPC Diode Measurement

A73 Amplifier IC 77916-31to Diode Measurement

A73 LCD Display FPC Diode Reading Measurement

A73 Display LCD IC Diode Measurement

A73 EMMC NAND Diode Resistance Measurement

a73 memory ic wyas

A73 Fingerprint FPC Diode Measurement

a73 finger print connector measurement

A73 Font Camera FPC Diode Measurement

A73 Middle Frequency RF IC Measurement

Green ground, blue OL

A73 PMIC PSU PMU Diode Resistance Measurement

A73 Rear Camera FPC Diode Measurement