iPhone 7 Master Repair book download free

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Here we have a repair troubleshooting booklet for the iPhone 7, this book gives you a starting point in where to look when repairing various issues with the iPhone 7.

Hopefully these guides will help you become master technician, rather than needing step by step instructions and will help you think outside the box when it comes to repair troubleshooting.

If you have any repair tips for the iPhone 7 comment below!

Okay, lets get on with the solutions bros!

iPhone 7 No USB Troubleshooting ways

On some iPhone 7, the tristar is underfilled, be careful.

iPhone 7 No Loudspeaker Sound Troubleshooting ways

iPhone 7 No Audio Sound Speaker Grayed Out Troubleshooting Ways

Usually this is caused by broken traces under U3101, audio codec ic but can also be power supply issue as shown above.

iPhone 7 No Display Troubleshooting ways

iPhone 7 Rear Camera Not Open Troubleshooting Ways

iPhone 7 No Wifi No Bluetooth Troubleshooting ways

If you need to replace the wifi IC please note, you need to use JC C2 box to unbind it from the system, otherwise it won’t work at all.

iPhone 7 No touch troubleshooting ways solution

Also check for loose solder on J4502, sometimes connecting iPhone 8 screen by mistake can bend the socket causing no touch, you can often bend it back.

Also sometimes cheap screens can damage the board, so you don’t have touch when home key is connected, see our guide here how to fix.

iPhone 7 No Backlight Troubleshooting ways solution

iPhone 7 i2C Ways

iPhone 7 No signal Troubleshooting ways solution

also check imei, and modem firmware, also check BB_PMU and WTR, also check this post for more tips

iPhone 7 No Power Troubleshooting Ways Solution

Also check for shorts using freeze spray or thermal cam, voltage is good voltage reading and second number is diode/resistance measurement.

Always do good visual inspection first, could get luky and its just a shorted capacitor πŸ™‚

iPhone 7 no Ear speaker troubleshooting ways solution

U3301 can also cause loud noise during call, or boot loop when front cam flex connected, also you can try audio codec jumper fix.

iPhone 7 no front mic, siri mic not working troubleshooting ways solution

iPhone 7 mute key silent switch malfunction troubleshooting ways solution

if the mute switch isn’t working even with new flex, check these components, also check settings if the option is disabled.

iPhone 7 No mic in call troubleshooting ways solution

You can also try audio codec jumpers to fix no mic issue.

iPhone 7 no front camera troubleshooting solution ways

If connecting front camera causes reboot loop, check U3301 shown above.

iPhone 7 No power troubleshooting ways solution

Some inductors can become loose around cpu and cause graphical issues, shorted ram can also cause no power.

Most CPU, GPU and RAM lines are low impedance to ground so they will beep like short, see resistance measurements above or compare to good motherboard, using your tools .