Free Site for Phone Testing

We have made a free website for repair shops to both preform day to day repairs tasks and test phones quickly. is a website with many useful tools, data transfer apps, data recovery apps, web bases device tests and much more!

Directly download clean APK and ipa files, no adfly link share BS, download apk files direct to android and install without need for play store account.

What apps are currently on the site:


Smart switch
(transfer files to a new Android phone)
Droid Test (APK to test many features of device)
SD Maid PRO (File manager app)
Antutu (Benchmark app, useful for peak current tests)
AccuBattery (read battery data)
Move To iOS (Transfer android files and messages to new iPhone)
Disk Digger Pro (Photo and File recovery)
Super Backup (useful to create backup to SD card, can also transfer just SMS)

Copy My Data (We have both APK & IPA, transfer between ios & android, useful for transferring from android to already setup iPhone)

CPUz (Device info)
ConeIt (not all android devices work with smart switch, also doesn’t require working audio)

Antutu (stress test, good for battery peak testing)

Web based tests

RGB Test (RGB video test with fade transitions, good for testing LCDs for marks)

Touch test (great for testing for dead spots on iPad repairs HINT: use add to home screen shortcut to get 100% fullscreen mode. Supports multi touch and 3D touch tests)

Camera Test ( Handy to test if hardware fault or just the android camera app is broken)

Speaker Test (fast loading mp3 ,music)

Mic Test (mic test with live waveform and playback)

iOS Apps

iPhone Test (Like droid test but on iOS)
3D Mark ( Great for peak current testing and other load testing)
Copy My Data (Same as the Android one)

Windows Apps

These are for windows PC NOT Phone.

3UTools (itunes replacement, also can read battery data and factory LCD versions)
Cydia Impactor (tool to load ipa onto iphone, currently requires paid developer account, free account not working as of Jan2020)

PhoneBoard (Phone PCB viewer, we have a review)
EasyDraw (Better PCB viewer with Schematics and dual view, free)
Frija (Download Samsung Phone and Tablet firmware Hint: this downloads only the latest firmware direct from Samsung)

Odin (Samsung internal flashtool, use to flash Frija files)
Samsung USB Driver (Need to install if using Odin)