Download Infinix MTK Secure Boot Download Agent Loader Files [MTK DA]

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Infinix has a lot of Meditek devices on their smartphone list. However, with the latest update, they all have got the secure bootloader feature. With this new secure bootloader, developers cant access the secure boot to fix or update firmware files. This is a major problem in the market. So here we are with the latest Infinix MTK secure boot download agent loader files which will help you bypass the secure bootloader easily.

What Is MTK Secure Boot DA File?

Maybe you know that Latest Mediatek increased complexity in flashing firmware like sign.img and secure boot. So now it’s not as simple to flash device directly. Das are strategic following the increase in the need for boxes and dongles to perform task, even in the use of Sp flash tool for frp unlock.

In simple word, if you have any MTK devices like [ Lava, Micromax or Infinix etc] with latest secure boot with Sp flash tool, you will see “Da File MisMatch error” or “Authentication error” or “Buffer error etc.

Same as sp flash tool, you will also encounter a secure boot error in flashing process with CM2 tool, NCK tool and Miracle tool too.

So fix this issue, just download custom DA file and flash these types of devices without any DA file error.

Advantages of Infinix MTK secure boot DA files

These new Infinix MTK secure boot Download Agent Loader files will help you to access the main storage. Then further or, you can use this to edit the system files. You can:

  • Copy firmware files
  • Take a complete backup
  • Copy IMEI & NVRAM
  • Flash stock or custom ROM
  • Change the recovery system
  • Edit root files
  • Bypass FRP lock etc.

Download Infinix Mediatek Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files

Down below are the links for latest Infinix Mediatek Secure boot DA files.

Supported deviceDownload
X5514DGoogle Drive
X5515Google Drive
X604Gtoogle Drive
X604DGoogle Drive
X606Google Drive
X606BGoogle Drive
X606CGoogle Drive
X606DGoogle Drive
X609Google Drive
X624BGoogle Drive
X625CGoogle Drive
X626DGoogle Drive
X650Google Drive
X650BGoogle Drive
X653CGoogle Drive

How to Use Infinix MTK Secure Boot DA file?

It is simple to use these new Custom Secure Boot DA files if you are already familiar with using normal/default DA files. Please note that these secure boot DA files are tool-specific, i.e. they will only work with specific MediaTek tools. In this article, we will be giving a detailed explanation on three tools: Sp flash tool, Miracle Box, CM2 box.

How To Use Infinix DA File Using SP Flash Tool:

Download Infinix File from the above download link and extract Now open “Sp Flash Tool” on pc Click on choose button and select “MTK_DA_SP.bin” file from the extracted folder


So, guys, this is how you can use Infinix Secure DA files using multiple MTK tools. Please note that some of these Secure DA files only work with specific MTK tools. Also, these instructions are only to select the DA file using different MTK tools. If you want to do a specific task such as FRP Unlock, Root, Installing custom recovery etc. Then you might have to look for another article. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.