Huawei P40 Motherboard Scan

Here we have high resolution motherboard scan on Huawei P40 motherboard, this is useful for locating where components should be and after cleaning water damage. If this helped you please share the site.

Nintendo Switch no touch in middle of screen fix solution

Here is easy solution for replacement Nintendo Switch touch screen that doesn’t work in the middle of the screen. Simply make a jumper like shown below and it will fix all touch issues. Aftermarket touch screens are missing… Read More

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Charging Solution Jumper Problem WaysCharging problem in Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) can be due to charging pin broken damage and due to water case of charging problem mobile can not save power in… Read More

Playstation 2 Level-1 Service and Procedures Manual (Version 4.0)

PlayStation®2 SCPH-30000 series SCPH-35000 series SCPH-30000R series SCPH-39000 series SCPH-50000/50000SS series Download