Huawei P8 Lite Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Solution

Here’s the Huawei P8 Lite solution for not working ringer, buzzer or hands-free speaker problem. This solution may help on how to troubleshoot and repair the phone handset. Problems No sound in speaker. Low Sound in Speaker. Distorted… Read More

Samsung Galaxy J7 J730F Mic Not Working Problem Ways Solution

Samsung SM-J730F Mic Jumper Microphone Problem Mic Solution Mic Not Working Problem Repair Solution Microphone Ways In Samsung Galaxy J7 J730F microphone is soldered to the motherboard.  AVOID GETTING FLUX IN MIC, IT WILL KILL IT

Nokia 6 TA-1033 Sim Card Ways Repair Sim Card Problem

Nokia 6 TA-1033 Sim Card Ways Repair Sim Card Problem Nokia 6 Sim Card Jumper Sim Not Working Problem Sim Not Accepting No Network Solution Sim IC Ways Here’s the full solution for Nokia 6 TA-1033 SIM card… Read More

Iphone 5s Mic Ways Solution Microphone Problem Jumper

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iPhone 7 Full Solutions List Qualcomm Version

Solutions list for iphone 7 Qualcomm version No backlight, not charging, no camera, no proximity, low signal, searching dead, no compass, no wifi, no bluetooth, no touch, no 3d touch, no sound, no display, error 56 4013 -1… Read More

iPhone 7 No Sound or Noisy Receiver Solution

Shorted capacitors around IC U3301 can cause this issue.

iPhone 7 A10 CPU NO TOP Resistance Values Ways

iPhone 7 A10 CPU with top half removed, resistance values taken using fluke multimeter.

iPhone 7 Plus Volume Down not Working Solution

iPhone 7 plus, volume down doesn’t work even after changing flex ways solution.

iPhone 7 Plus No Service After Water Damage Solution Ways

After water damage repair the phone reboots and has no service, check capacitor C6619_RF it may be shorted 🙂