iPhone 6g & 6s Home Button Ways

This post will detail how to make jumper ways solution for iphone 6s and 6s plus + . If you try to short out connector using tweezers, you risk damaging the touch ID power supply or something else…. Read More

How To Bypass iOS MDM FOR FREE

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IPhone 7 Backlight Ways Display Light Problem Jumper Solution

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iPhone SE Usb Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

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iPhone X Display Problem Solution Jumper Ways

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iPhone 7 Trinity Jumper Solution Ways

This component is M2800, aka Trinity. This component is basically a substrate for holding a few coils inside that tend to blow easily. It includes two backlight coils, one for the Taptic Engine (ARC), one for the Speaker… Read More

iPhone 8 Plus No Camera Repair Solution

after testing rear camera, it is found that there is no voltage either side of FL3909 (filter for main camera power supply. Replacing U3700 (camera PMU) fixed problem! iPhone 8 8Plus and iPhone X use same chip for… Read More

iPhone 8 Plus Fake Charging 0ma to 80ma dead

After water damage, phone has I2C fault, this can be seen because phone is looping between 0MA and 80MA and doesn’t do anything. It was found that under U5650 it was causing I2C bus to be pulled down… Read More

iPhone 7 No Service Solution BB_CPU WAYS

Infamous “no service” issue with the 7 series iPhone usually caused by a shorted line inside the bb cpu at “PP_1V0_SMPS5”. If it’s not completely shorted (0 ohms) you can place a 2.2k. resistor in series with the… Read More