IPhone X Charging Problem Solution And Charging Ways

Apple iPhone X Charging Problem Ways Solution Not Charging Problem USB Ways Charging Jumper Charging Case Short In this post, I will guide you on how to troubleshoot iPhone X Charging Problem or won’t respond when connected to a charger…. Read More

iPhone X XS XR Reboots After Back Glass Replacement Solution Ways

This may happen to you after repairing the back glass of the iPhone X , Xs , XS MAX or XR. The iPhone will reboot every 3 to 5 minutes but still charge and function correctly. This same… Read More

Free Site for Phone Testing

We have made a free website for repair shops to both preform day to day repairs tasks and test phones quickly. Cell-server.com is a website with many useful tools, data transfer apps, data recovery apps, web bases device… Read More

iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Max Motherboard diagram part locations

Here you can see where all main iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max components are. The iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max are actually the same motherboard (with different board ID)

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus No Touch With Home Key Connected Solution Ways

After connecting new screen you have no touch with home key connected, this can happen on iPhone 7, 7plus iPhone8 and 8 Plus. Cheap copy screen used by ghetto repair shop causes U3801 to fail.

iPhone 7 Power Button Solution Jumper Ways

This problem can happen after water damage or after trying to replace flex cable, if you have torn power flex cable this is useful to do trace repair or jumper solution.

iPhone 6g & 6s Home Button Ways

This post will detail how to make jumper ways solution for iphone 6s and 6s plus + . If you try to short out connector using tweezers, you risk damaging the touch ID power supply or something else…. Read More

How To Bypass iOS MDM FOR FREE

This post will show you how to bypass MDM, also known as Mobile device management. Overview Deploying a mobile device management (MDM) solution allows administrators to securely and remotely configure enrolled devices. Administrators use Apple School Manager or… Read More

IPhone 7 Backlight Ways Display Light Problem Jumper Solution

Display light problem in an Apple iPhone 7 normally occurs when your phone has encountered any kind of water damage. In such a condition your phone works normally, but it becomes really very hard for you to perform… Read More

iPhone 6S Charging Paused Solution Jumpers

When you plugin charger of iPhone 6S and see the notification temperature too high, your phone needs too cool down. This post will help you to solve iPhone 6S Charging Paused Solution in a few easy steps. This… Read More