Free Site for Phone Testing

We have made a free website for repair shops to both preform day to day repairs tasks and test phones quickly. is a website with many useful tools, data transfer apps, data recovery apps, web bases device tests and much more!

Directly download clean APK and ipa files, no adfly link share BS, download apk files direct to android and install without need for play store account.

What apps are currently on the site:


Smart switch
(transfer files to a new Android phone)
Droid Test (APK to test many features of device)
SD Maid PRO (File manager app)
Antutu (Benchmark app, useful for peak current tests)
AccuBattery (read battery data)
Move To iOS (Transfer android files and messages to new iPhone)
Disk Digger Pro (Photo and File recovery)
Super Backup (useful to create backup to SD card, can also transfer just SMS)

Copy My Data (We have both APK & IPA, transfer between ios & android, useful for transferring from android to already setup iPhone)

CPUz (Device info)
ConeIt (not all android devices work with smart switch, also doesn’t require working audio)

Antutu (stress test, good for battery peak testing)

Web based tests

RGB Test (RGB video test with fade transitions, good for testing LCDs for marks)

Touch test (great for testing for dead spots on iPad repairs HINT: use add to home screen shortcut to get 100% fullscreen mode. Supports multi touch and 3D touch tests)

Camera Test ( Handy to test if hardware fault or just the android camera app is broken)

Speaker Test (fast loading mp3 ,music)

Mic Test (mic test with live waveform and playback)

iOS Apps

iPhone Test (Like droid test but on iOS)
3D Mark ( Great for peak current testing and other load testing)
Copy My Data (Same as the Android one)

Windows Apps

These are for windows PC NOT Phone.

3UTools (itunes replacement, also can read battery data and factory LCD versions)
Cydia Impactor (tool to load ipa onto iphone, currently requires paid developer account, free account not working as of Jan2020)

PhoneBoard (Phone PCB viewer, we have a review)
EasyDraw (Better PCB viewer with Schematics and dual view, free)
Frija (Download Samsung Phone and Tablet firmware Hint: this downloads only the latest firmware direct from Samsung)

Odin (Samsung internal flashtool, use to flash Frija files)
Samsung USB Driver (Need to install if using Odin)

Nintendo Switch m92t36 Charging Power IC Passive Component list

Here we have a list of passive components that sit around the m92t36 on the nintendo switch (old version, not lite)

This is handy if something is burned away or if you need to run jumpers.


Galaxy A20 Moisture Detected Fix Jumper ways

This is the fix for Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205 F, follow these steps to fix charging paused due to moisture in charging socket..

Steps to fix water in charge port:

1: Try to clean the type C socket or try new cable

2: Replace charging board sub PBA

3: Replace sub flex cable


IPhone X Charging Problem Solution And Charging Ways

Apple iPhone X Charging Problem Ways Solution Not Charging Problem USB Ways Charging Jumper Charging Case Short

In this post, I will guide you on how to troubleshoot iPhone X Charging Problem or won’t respond when connected to a charger. In this post, how to troubleshoot iPhone X smartphone that’s not charging or won’t respond when compared to a charger. So, if you are currently having this problem, continue reading to learn the steps to rule out possibilities to discover what the problem with your phone is.

iPhone X Problem Charging Ways USB Jumper Solution:

Here are iPhone X Charging Problem Ways Not Charging problem solutions. Please study these diagrams very carefully before you start repairing them.

Download Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool Remove Mi Account/FRP/Bootloader [Latest]

Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool is the best Unlock/Disable/Remove Mi Account tool for Android devices. If you have Xiaomi device and you have lost your SIM card, which is linked to an MI account, and you want to disable or activate that account. In this case, we will use the latest Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool Remove Mi Account/FRP/Bootloader. This tool supports any Xiaomi Android device.

Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool For MiUI

This tool can help you to delete MI account, remove MI account, bypass or disable MI account, unlock MI device, and many more. Also, you can use this tool to unlock the bootloader, reset, backup, and restore essential files of your device. So let’s go below to download TPS Xiaomi Tool and full installation and user guide for you.

“Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool” was developed for Windows PC/Laptops and allows you to remove the Mi account from your device. Thanks to Developer “Service EMMC” to build this awesome tool for MiUI users. If you try to unlock your device first time without any experience, then this tool helps Unlock Bootloader/FRP /Remove Mi Account on your Xiaomi phone in a few clicks.

Features of Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool

  • Bootloader Unlock
  • ADB Fastboot Tool
  • Unlock Account.
  • Disable Mi Account.
  • Persist Backup/Restore.
  • Check test points of many Xiaomi phones.
  • Reboot any Xiaomi device.
  • Unofficial Bootloader Unlock.


  • This tool will work only on Windows PC.
  • Install USB Driver. (If your device doesn’t detect.)
  • Remember to disable the antivirus on your PC before installing this tool.

Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool Download Link


Redmi 5 Battery Temperature Is Over Problem Overheating Temperature too high Repair Solution

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Not Charging Problem thermistor location, Charging Paused Battery Temperature Low Or High Redmi 5 Battery Temperature Is Over Problem is known to be the most common one, and this is mainly because of the fact that a little bit of physical damage or water damage to the charging connector pin is enough to trouble with your phone’s charging connector.


  • Not charging.
  • Battery Temperature Is Over message.
  • No response when charger is connected.

Oppo A83 Backlight Way – Display Light Problem and charging ways Solution

In this post, you will find Oppo A83 Backlight Way and display light jumper solution full LCD ways display connection line paths in case you are going to troubleshoot display problem such blank display, dark screen display, white screen (with tones), No backlight LED that is resulted from due to water damaged or accidentally blown up by fools plugging in the screen while the damn phone is on!

Somethings that you might be able to fix using this whattap infested “schematic” are:

  • White Display
  • No Display
  • Lines on Display
  • Low Light on Display
  • No Backlight

Alright enough with the filler text, lets go!

Oppo A83 Backlight Way – Display Light Jumper Solution BRO!!

Download Meizu Userlock Remove File Collection – [All Models] + Scatter files

Once again we are here with Meizu Userlock and pattern unlock remove file collection. If you are a Meizu Android Smartphone user and forget pattern lock or PIN lock of the device then this method is for you. Moreover, this method can also remove FRP lock from Meizu mobile.

Most probably you may know that users can remove pattern lock or PIN lock from any android device by a factory reset. But the problem is that Vivo device will ask to enter the existing password to perform factory reset. Same as, In any condition, if you are able to factory reset the device, you have to enter existing Google account password to remove verification screen on Meizu phones.

Just enter the correct Gmail ID and password which you were using on the device before factory reset but what if you don’t have password. In that case, you have to bypass Meizu frp lock.

Benefits Of Meizu Userlock Remove File

Unlock Meizu Pattern lock
Unlock Meizu pattern lock without losing data
Unable to factory reset Meizu then use this method.
No need to buy any premium tool to unlock Meizu mobile.
Unlock Meizu phones without flashing firmware.
Unlock Meizu FRP Lock.

Meizu Userlock Remove File Collection Download Link



Please Note That This file contains all the Data / Flashtool / DA / Auth files

M3 Note and the U20 are the DA’s place for DA_PL.bin
In the M2 / M2 Note / M5 Note, the DA space is DA_Swsec.bin
In M3 / M3s, DA_PL_Crypto20.bin
On Mx4, you have to select the DA that is DA_Sesec_Crypto20.bin
As for Auth, I’ve added it for the M5C

How To Use Meizu Userlock Remove Files

-Once downloading finish.

-Extract “SP Flash Tool” & also extract “Scatter file” on your desktop.

-Run as administrator “SP Flash Tool”.

-Go to “DOWNLOAD” tab.

_Click on “Download Agent” button and load Da.bin file from Sp flash tool folder.

-Click on “Choose” from (scatter-loading File).

-Give there file path of “scatter file”.

Select Only Userdata

Recheck everything and then hit on “Start” button to start FRP removing process.

Come to the device, Power off it properly. Now press & hold volume up key + power key together and insert USB cable at the same time. Wit for few seconds, sp flash tool will detect your device automatically.

Once your device detected with pc, process will start. [Don’t unplug the USB cable in any how condition]

End of the process you will see Successful message on the screen.


How to Bypass FRP/Google Lock from Meizu [MTK] Devices 

1. Dissemble phone (take out SIM tray, remove back cover, disconnect fingerprint flex)
2. Disconnect BATTERY !!!
3. Open SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824_Win and select DA, Scatter and AUTH file as shown in the video tutorial
4. Go to Format Options and Select Manual Format, input Begin Address and Format length – check Y6_2019_FRP_WIPE.txt
5. Connect Test Point and USB cable to phone (DO NOT connect the cable on PC/Laptop for now)
6. Click Start on Format Options and Connect USB cable on PC/Laptop – MediaTek USB Port will appear now and FRP partition will be wiped

– If you see MediaTek Preloader Port instead, this means Test Point is wrong or it timed-out – TRY AGAIN.
– DO NOT FORMAT any other Partition or DO NOT ATTEMPT to Upgrade/Download firmware if your phone has ONLY FRP/Google Locked.
– This FRP/Google Lock Bypass procedure is RISK-FREE (if you follow it properly). However, I WILL NOT be held responsible for any brick.

Redmi 6A Touch Ways Touch Screen Problem Solution

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Touchscreen Ways Touch IC Jumper Touch Not Working Problem Jumper Ways Solution Touch Not Responding.

If ever trying to fix Redmi 6A Touch Ways and Touch Screen failure issues and you’ll do replacing the touch plate module, trying to calibrate the touch screen setting but unresponsive and restoring, upgrading and flashing the device firmware but nothing happens, the problem still exists and the touch screen left unresponsive.

Causes of Redmi 6A Touch Screen Problem

  • Broken or damaged touch screen
  • Rust from water damage
  • Disconnection from the touch screen socket or connector
  • A damaged or broken connecting path (open circuit)
  • A faulty or missing resistor, capacitor, IC (integrated circuit), etc
  • A bad firmware or operating system software files

From the above list, you would by now understand that the problem can be multifaceted, as a result one will need to troubleshoot for the possible cause of the Redmi 6A touch calibrator problem to be able to fix it up.

Redmi 6A Touch Ways Touch Screen Jumper:

Here is the hardware solution of Redmi 6A touch ways problem

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus G975F Charging Ways Not Charging Problem Solution

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus G975F Charging Ways Charging Solution Not Charging Problem USB Ways Charging Jumper Charging Short In this post, I will guide you on how to troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus G975F charging Problem or won’t respond when connected to a charger.

Other reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus G975F not charging may be:

Bad battery

Faulty Charge port

Water Damage

Broken thermistor (we have a guide)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Charging Ways Not Charging Problem Solution:

Here Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus G975F Charging Ways USB Connector Jumper problem solutions. Please study these diagrams very carefully before you start repairing.


Here we have a high resolution schematic diagram of the Huawei Y5 2 charging and battery ways.

Use this diagram when solving no power, dead phone, or wtaer damage data recovery repairs for the Y52 Huawei

Please give time for the image to download, it is 10.8MB !!